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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a slow-moving network of fine vessels or ducts responsible for removing excess fluid, toxins, waste, and dead blood cells from the tissue, while also delivering nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the cells of the tissue. Blockages in this system are responsible for many ailments and conditions. Without this proper movement, the body’s immune system can seriously suffer. When performed by a skilled practitioner, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the go-to restorative and correctional therapy for those suffering from a damaged lymphatic system. 

It’s common knowledge that the circulatory system distributes blood throughout the body. But few are aware that the lymphatic system is responsible for keeping fluids flowing and filtered in the body. 


Manual Lymph Drainage should not be confused with a massage. MLD is a rhythmic and repetitive process that requires the patience and concentration of the therapist.


MLD therapists’ hands don’t slide on the skin, they gently stretch it. Light, gentle strokes are used to help guide excess fluid toward the nearest group of lymph nodes, where particles are filtered and substances are removed before the lymph finallly empties into the veins.

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