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What got me into massage therapy...

I am asked all the time what got me in to massage therapy. My answer is that I love helping people heal and feel better. I have been practicing alternative therapy since I can remember. I was an asthmatic child and was sick a lot. There wasn't much medicine for asthma except for primatene. My mom use to rub vicks vapor rub on my chest. Chicken soup was the they thought. But it was comforting and delicious.

My grandmother had a farm so there was always fresh vegetables, chickens, name it...As an adult who outgrew asthma at 18, I love essentials oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus. Wish I would've known about it as a child. Peppermint is excellent to help breathing problems.

But I digress...It is a great reward when my clients express pain relief and relaxation. It's also a ministry...I pray for my clients before, during and after the massage. Sometimes aloud with their permission. I pray God puts the people in my hands He wants to touch through me. I give Him the glory.

I always recommend stretching and walking. We are born into this world intuitively knowing stretching is good...animals stretch...but as we grow older and busier, we forget. Walking gets the body moving ....Moving is great for joints, cardio and mind especially if you're blessed to live in a beautiful natural setting.

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